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Who Am I?

I’m Naren. I am a Software Consultant with 10 years of expertise in engineering leadership, product development and pragmatic problem solving. Brought in various business impacts from shipping features fast to rearchitecting systems to handle millions in traffic, and saving millions of dollars in cloud bills to building high functioning engineering teams.


  • I have built engineering teams and improved quality of teams by increasing their productivity by 2x, their output quality by 3x and delivery speed by 2x.
  • I have re-architected tightly coupled systems and hands-on built distributed microservices that enabled the company to handle millions in traffic.
  • Brought in code quality by bringing TDD practices to the team. Refactored and reduced the code complexity by removing 20,000+ lines of code.
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Why Should We Work Together?

  • You want to build a new startup or a new vertical in existing startup, validate it and find your Product Market Fit.
  • You have found your PMF. Now, you want a software leader to guide and scale your business into an engineering org.
  • You have a legacy system that needs to be refactored and improved.
  • You are spending $$$ on your cloud bills, so you want to audit your existing architecture and re-architect it to reduce cost.
  • You want a helping hand to work closely with your existing team who’s productive from day 1 to do great work and ensure A-class engineering influence over your team.

If you can relate to any of the above, we should work together. Let’s hop on a quick call to see how I can help you.

How I Work?


Data gathering and analysis

Feedback and insights delivery

Planning and roadmap proposal



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